Dark Feathers / Beginning

Dark Feathers / Beginning


DARK FEATHERS is a web-based interactive invitation to an experiential role-play. Purporting to be the last signal from an anonymous agency calling for survivors in a post apocalyptic situation in the very near future, everyone and anyone who receives or sees it is called to SURVIVE. If the correct buttons are pressed, a list of survivors are revealed , giving simply a name and quality. On selection of one of these, a bio sheet appears – originally each player was emailed their bio, so there was no opportunity to read those of other players or make a detailed choice.

Words throughout are highlighted, seemingly at random, but as those links are followed the story of civilisation’s demise unfolds. Nothing is obvious and whole tranches of information have to be hunted through the site as vital pages are hidden.

Dark Feathers was originally a novel about a group of Nephilim, returned to earth to destroy society, seemingly  in a modern tale of good versus evil, yet part of a mashup using a tenuous and little-known connection to the Sumerian tale of Inanna and Erishkigel. The present experiential role-play is set after they succeeded in destroying nearly all.

BEGINNING is the name of the actual role-play game, or Nordic Larp which sprang from the novel. Dark Feathers.


DARK FEATHERS / BEGINING HAS BEEN SELECTED FOR: ICIDS, COPENHAGEN 2015 (International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling)



Ascend Finis – Film

Ascend Finis – Film


Ascend Finis is one of a series of videos made of movements inside the circle of salt, Within, wearing masks created by the textile artist Berith Stenabb. In this film, the participants created a ritual to mark the finissage of the exhibition, Art And Games Obstruction.


Moving silently, each performer lit a candle to form a five pointed star, signifying the five elements, earth, air, water, fire and ether or spirit. The salt circle served as both performance space and an ancient elemental representation of purification.

The match that lit the final candle was extinguished in the salt, in a symbolic gesture of ending.