Beginning is a combination of Performance, LARP and internet/computer-generated human interaction experience. The piece includes installation, sculpture, painting, covert computing , video and soundscapes.

The setting is a post-technological world in the near future, where resources are scarce. The world we know has seemingly broken down, owing to the actions of mysterious creatures, possibly technologically advanced, possibly otherworldly in nature.

In the original novel upon which the LARP is based, the creatures were Nephilim, powerful, destructive beings, who may have come to move humanity into a more evolved future, or to propagate their own species in their own image.

As the dust settles, and survivors finally emerge, realising there are few of them left, they try to make contact with one another and form a fledgling society, with all that implies, including strange, superstitious rituals and the awkward bonding of those whose trust has been shattered.

Players/performers are called to participate through a seres of signals beforehand. If they choose to accept, they are provided with instructions and survival advice. They can choose to come with supplies befitting their character and undertake a series of tasks involving the building of a new civilisation: a Beginning.